Lynn Miller Pease
Chief Executive Officer, Leadership Evansville, Inc.

How a picture book, markers and paper transformed my city from miserable to magnetic

Lynn Miller Pease

Imagine bringing together thousands of individuals to envision a preferred future, then engaging them to personally make a difference to transform the community. VOICE helped create a culture that says "we can and are" transforming community. This talk shares the long-term and ongoing outcomes of VOICE. See what happens when you attract and retain talented, engaged and diverse people to keep our community amazing, viable and set for growth.

About Lynn Miller Pease

Lynn Miller Pease has a passion for diversity, servant leadership and the collaborative process. As CEO of Leadership Evansville, she and her team develop servant leaders to transform communities. Lynn’s ability to give all people a voice has led to creative, sustainable solutions like the VOICE community visioning process. Among her many achievements, Lynn has been recognized as, "a tireless community advocate who promotes fairness, inclusion, and respect for all."

You can follow Lynn Miller Pease on Twitter at @lynnmillerpease

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